Cutbert Bay Beach

Cutbert Bay Beach

The Sanctuary comprises about 8 kms of sandy beach at the coast of the Middle Andaman Islands and continues for about 600 mts inside the land from the high tide mark along the coast.

One can enjoy the quiet village life and solitude of virgin nature in this part of Middle Andaman Island. You can also breathe unpolluted air, a rare availability for the city dweller. Cutbert Bay is a turtle-nesting ground.
The Turtles come to the beach only to lay eggs They dig a pit,lay eggs and go back to the sea. This event takes during the night. In the Sanctuary the turtles come on the beach almost every single night during the season.One can see the turtles laying eggs when they come to the beach for nesting.

Lamiya Bay Beach

The post today explores another beautiful beach called Lamiya Bay Beach, that lies in Diglipur. It is a wide, sandy beach that is long stretched along the sea and with rocks on the shore provides a different view of the sea beauty. You can see a wide assortment of dead corals on the beach.
The beach lies a few kilometers ahead of Kalipur beach and marks the foothill of Saddle Peak, the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
The beach has brown sand, unlike the many white sand beaches in Havelock and Neil Islands. Infact, all of Diglipur’s beaches viz. Ramnagar beach, Kalipur beach and Lamiya Bay beach have black/brown sand except Ross and Smith.