Carbyn's Cove Beach

Carbyn’s Cove Beach


Corbyn’s Cove is one of the most busiest beaches in the Andaman Islands. It is open luxurious beach which is ideal for sun basking and almost 6 km away from Port Blair town. The coastal road here is a scenic journey and beach is encircled by lush green coconut palms. Facilities like water sports, hotel, restaurant, bar, changing room etc are available near the beach. The drive to the beach is a stunning visual treat and historical remains intact with like Japanese bunkers can be seen on the way. Partial of the Marina Park viewed on the pristine blue sea lining along the entire route.Port Blair is not only for the beach, but if you need a break from town, Corbyn’s Cove has a small curve of sand backed by palms

North Bay Beach


North Bay Beach is usually famous for under water corals with the joy of Snorkeling , Sea walk and scuba diving . It is very near to Phoenix Jetty of Port Blair and this island is famous for breathtaking view for under water Corrals and Marine Life and more over surrounded by the pristine beauty of Nature. The crowd here is amazing and in abundent because of the facilities available for enjoying and it fringing coral reefs are the closest ones you will find in Port Blair. All sort of facilities are available for the people like food, clothes for rent, lockers and there are huts to take shelter for those who don’t want to play in the beach. A ferry (9 AM and 2 PM; 30 minutes) will take you across Aberdeen Jetty and return you back after a 3 hour stay. North Bay coral are rather good and spread over large area and if you are lucky enough then can spot many fish, a lobster or two, or even clams on the coral reef. Sea walk has already been introduced and has been going on for over a year now. Along with sea walk, you can do jet skii, speed water boat ride, snorkeling and other such activities at the beautiful North Bay Island
Munda Pahar Beach, Chidiya Tapu

Munda Pahar Beach, Chidiya Tapu

Chidya Tapu is a place famous for one of the best sunset view and for bird watching. It is 30 KM away from the main city with road passes through forest and small hills up to the Chidia tapu. From Port Blair, the journey would take around one hour to reach Chidia tapu. If you are interested to watch the sunset it is advisable to take an afternoon trip to this place. It is a paradise of honeymooners and lone travelers. The hill is coverred with a dense layer of mangrove trees and a wonderful trekking place for adventure. Trekking extending to the other side of the island which takes to an unending stretch of water.From the years the Munda pahar has turned into a day picnic with people carrying delicious food and other entertaining sports item which relish the day with bang.The island has a sunset point that gives the most attractive view of the sun setting as it lights up the horizon with colour aroma where sea seems to be engulfing the sun gradually.Forest covers the glimses of different animals and various species of birds such as white spotted deer, macaws, parrots and almost all the other various species of birds.

Besides all, the pristine beach with white sandy and rocks clearly visible to a 300 meter from the sea starts which makes the whole scence so glamorous and gorgious for the swiming and enjoying. In one word – must go places for a day refreshment .Trees uprooted are intact and seen which occured during Tsunami in 2004 are still present near the beach. There is no restaurant or food stall available inside the park; however, small hotels are present at the entrance. While traveling to this place sea will be to your left side. On your way you would pass through the Kalapathar, a trail of black rocks and beach. Stop here to take some pictures and proceed to Chidia Tapu.

The Chidiya Tapu Biological Park (Bird Island Biological Park) came into existence in 2001 with the aim to conserve and study endemic and endangered species of animals found in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Since then the park has been a centre for biodiversity and conservation where one can catch a glimpse of the rich fauna of the islands.Green and dense jungle like environment cleverly recreates the natural habitat of the animals here. Sprawled over 40 hectares, the park is covered with a variety of plant, right from the majestic Mahuas to the exquisite Padauks. While walking through this jungle, one would be able to catch a glimpse of a variety of birds flying around freely. Other than birds you could spot wild pigs as well as barking deer and spotted deer

Wandoor Beach

Wandoor is a famous beach in Port Blair situated in a small village near the southern tip of South Andaman which is almost 25 KM from the city . It has some beaches and a couple of accommodation options and is a nice place to relax, but it is more known as the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and attracts hundreds of tourists everyday during the tourist season. It is very near to Mahatama Gandhi National Marine Park which is a museum of its own kind.Water is clean and the beach is quite for swimming. The beach is also famous for corals and the glass boats that take you to Jolly Buoy and Red Skin island let you see the corals from the magnifying glass bottom of the boats. With clean blue water contrasting beautifully against the dried trees, this beach is also equipped with neatly constructed benches and changing rooms for your convenience. The trees, uprooted during the 2006 Tsunami, make for scenic pictures.


Jolly Buoy and Red Skin island is another place where Tourish can prefer from Wandoor beach, Port Blair.Boats to Jolly Buoy start at 9 am in the morning and come back by 3 pm. So, if you are planning to take a ride to Jolly Buoy, please be prepared to reach Wandoor before 9 am. There are no boats after 9 am. All the boats leave Wandoor by 9 am in the morning.

Collinpur Beach

Collinpur Beach


Collinpur Island is almos 36KMs from the city situated near Tirur and has shallow water which is blessed with cobalt waters and sun kissed beaches. It is not as crowded as other beach being not considered much as attraction. This beach is also popular as Sunset Bay and reaching to this exotic beach, you will find chunky veil of palm groves. This place is suitable for swimming, sun basking and viewing sunset
The Collinpur Beach is meant for those who seek for a narrow escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world; they also seem to provide a space of solace and peace.This Beach provides numerous interesting activities that any beach over would dream for. It is perfect place for sun bathing, swimming and even photography can fulfil your dream. Really it so serene and calm that it is an ideal one for meditation as well. Residing in the lap of nature, the Collinpur Beach is such a beach that provides you with the most wanted thing in the world-peace. Hence, a visit to the beach is a must.The beach thus perfect for spending a relaxing time and at both ends of this small beach, there are Japanese World War 2 bunkers.

Jolly Bouy


This island is almost 30 KMs from Port blair city and is very famous for underwater corals and the pristine clear beach. This place is one hour journey from Wandoor beach. Snorkeling and scuba diving are available here. To reach Jolly buoy island people have to come to Wandoor beach. This is located in Mahatma Gandhi National Park. Wandoor beach is 30 Kms from Port Blair by road. This route is same for visiting Red Skin island also. Both Jolly buoy and Red skin are located at Mahatma Gandhi National park. Jolly buoy is a No Plastic zone. Before leaving to Jolly buoy island, people have to make sure to submit the list of all plastic items at Wandoor beach. No shops or arranged food items are available ,so Visitors are supposed to carry all items required for them like, food, water etc. Jolly buoy island is just like an end of the world place. Surrounding the Jolly buoy island there are other islands with thick forests. People can enjoy the running sea view between these islands. Visitors can enjoy the underwater coral view through snorkeling, Scuba diving or from the glass bottom boat. As a standard trip, while getting down from the ship and transferring to the island through small boats, visitors will be taken through a ride and will be shown these underwater corals through glass bottom
Jolly Bouy

Red Skin Island


Red skin Island is another fabulous island with precious beach. Andaman and Nicobar group consists of about 572 islands out of which only about 36 are inhabited. Few of the 536 uninhabited islands are very popular as tourist spots. Red Skin island, North Bay, Jolly Buoy, Ross Island, Ross and Smith Islands are some of the very famous islands that are also open for tourists despite been uninhabited. Unlike Jolly buoy, Red skin island is also situited in Mahatma Gandhi National Park which is in Wandoor.You have to reach this island by ferry from wandoor jetty.
One work for this beach is small, beautiful and unique to adventure the beauty.

Ross Island


Ross Island is located in port blair which is clearly visible from marina park which is almost few distance away and can be easily reached by a short boat ride from Phoenix Bay Jetty. It was once an administrative headquarter for the Britishers, before an earthquake rocked the Island in 1941. The island presently houses the ruins of old buildings like Ballroom, Chief Commissioner’s House, Govt. House, Church, Hospital, Bakery, Press, Swimming Pool and Troop Barracks, all in dilapidated condition, reminiscent of the old British regime.Now the Island is controlled by the Indian navy, which requires every visitor to sign in on entering. It was during the British rule that the island was developed to a perfect township. Many reminiscent of old British regime are still alive in this stunning Island.

Ross Island was also the base for the British Administrator of the penal colony in Port Blair.In 1941, the Japanese converted the site into POW camp, and built war installations, remnants of which can still be seen. It now lies deserted, and the few signs of its colonial glory, such as the Chief Commissioner’s house and the Presbyterian church, are dilapidated and overgrown. Ross Island was the headquarters of the Indian Penal Settlement for nearly 80 years. It had everything — bazaar, bakery, stores, workshop, water distillation plant, church, tennis court, printing press, secretariat, hospital, cemetery, open air theater and what have you. Today, everything has disappeared except some buildings, which housed some of these landmarks. The construction of these during british revolution was taken care by our freedom fighter which includes the entire construction of infrastructure on the island . After many of them were moved to Viper Island, the remaining freedom fighters were given the responsibility of maintenance of the island.
After the Dr. James Pattison Walker arrived in Port Blair aboard the East India Company’s steam frigate ‘Senuramis’ on 10 March 1858, this island was in bristisher rule till 1942. From 1942 to 1945, the island was under the occupation of Japanese. However, the allies reoccupied the island in 1945 and later abandoned it. During British occupation, this island was the seat of power of the British.
Now if we look today then it must say that it is a beautiful and mind blowing Island to visit during a trip. It is a lovely place to spend few hours and learn about the historical importance.The place can boast of the ruins of a British Church, Mansion, Market, canteen etc.There is also a small museum that has pictures taken and drawn in those times with tennis court can be seen. The back of the side for Ross Island gives a lovely view of the open sea. You can sit for hours reveling in the cool breeze and the amazing sea view. Most important and lovely part of that Island is the number of Peacocks, Deer and Ducks you can spot at the Island and there is almost more than 500 deers walking and can be seen right on your way.

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum


Samudrika Naval Marine Museum situated in Port blair and maintained in a very systematic way . The museum is run by the Indian Navy and the main aims is to generate awareness about the environment in the ocean and the marine life. The museum has five sections presenting history of Andaman Islands, Geographical information, people of Andaman, Archaeology and Marine life. The Samudrika museum presents a perfect blend of the old and the new, the present and the past. The museum has been thoughtfully divided into five different rooms, each of them showcasing a different facet of the Andaman Islands. A massive blue whale, in its skeletal form of course, greets you as you enter the museum. Samudrika is derived from the word Samudra, meaning Sea. And as the Andaman and Nicobar area is surrounded by sea, this museum showcases all its aspects; in different categories. The categories are history, people, marine life and archeology. Timings of the museum are 8:30 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm

Chatham Islands


A small island in the group of Andaman and Nicobar islands which is a very significant part of the colonial history of India indeed. Your Chatham Islands adventure holiday will be a journey of discovery and will take a step back in time, to think how life used to be there. The privilege of not only being Asia’s largest and oldest saw mill, but having an entire Island to itself makes Chatham Saw Mill stand out from the ordinary. Established in 1886, one of Asia’s largest saw mills was set up by the Britishers on Chatham Island and the mill has been operating for over centuries, keeping in place the original machinery and technology of wood processing. This Island located in the Port Blair town, about 5 km from the Air Port.
Rock pool, Chatham Islands

Asia’s biggest and oldest saw mill, Chatham Saw Mill, is situated at Chatham Island and is a popular tourist destination. The mill dates back to 1883 and was set up by the British.The mill cuts huge, lofty logs of woods into usable wooden sticks. As soon as you land in Chatham, it is all wood around. Large piles of woods can be seen being loaded, unloaded, sorted, cut and moulded.Chatham mill was of utmost importance in the pre-independence era as it catered to the needs of the west. During the second world war, it became a prey to the heavy bombarding done by the Japanese and was badly destroyed as one bomb hit it directly at the chatham Island in early March 1942, and till date the signs of the attack can be seen, evident with the ever-present bomb pits in the grounds of the mills. The Japanese then occupied this island and it remained under their rule till 1945. Post second world war, the island revived its glory and the mill started functioning again in 1946. he mill is still functional even to this day. This is a good pit-stop for those who’re interested in learning a little about the history and economy of the Andamans. It’s a relatively off-beat experience, but worth your while—you’ll get to see weathered machinery still trudging along. The legacy of Chatham began in the year 1789, when Lt. Archibald Blair landed here with the aim to establish a Naval Base. He started the survey from Chatham Island for establishing the British footholds in the Islands. Thus, Port Blair became the starting point of various activities to develop the Islands as a safe place to deport hard-core convicts and to develop the Harbour base. The 100 mtrs long Chatham Bridge connects Port Blair with Chatham Island. This historic bridge was initially constructed out of timber. Later, it was renovated to a modern bridge with concrete structures, which exists today. Chatham Island was widely recognised in the West during the colonial period, as it catered to the wood requirements in major cities like New York and London among others. Bridge which connects this little island to the capital Port Blair which today is a concrete bridge. The island is now a famous tourist attraction and rightly so, for it bears the ravages of some very important times indeed. All the major timber trees of the Islands are used as raw material in the Mill. The entire production of sawn timber in the Mill is sold under the coverage of an Administered Price Mechanism and is consumed locally for furniture making, construction purposes.

Marina Park

Marina Park


Marina park is located at the heart of the port blair city. The local inhabitants and the visiting tourists use this park for spending their valuable evenings by enjoying the nature’s gifts of pristine beauty, stunning sea waves and lush green vegetation. Park is constructed and built in such a way that can be used as morning walk, exercise and meditation in the morning and changes to dramtic and beautiful view at night for refreshment
Another amazing thing about this park is the greenery lush surrounded view right on one end of the costal where beautiful Ross Island is clearly visible.There is an aquarium inbuilt in the park way which elustrates highly on marine animal includes table corals, sea turtles, sharks, crabs and starfishes. It is located nearby is maintained by the Fisheries Department is a small museum-cum-aquarium which showcases the marine life found in the islands. The park has skeleton of a huge sperm whale, popular for being the largest toothed whale to have been found across the whole world. The park has Children’s Traffic

signal park which is an impressive concept where the park is designed to replicate a real busy junction with traffic signals and roads. Small tricycles, baby motors and practice bicycles are available on hire for children to drive around in.

Anthropological museum


The museum is an ethnographic museum which illustrates the four Negrito Tribes of the Andaman’s, viz., the Jarwas, Sentenalese, Great Andamanese, and the Shompens. It was started in the year 1975-76 and simply the best museum in Port Blair, offers a profound and informative portrait of island’s local community of tribes. These tribes are considered as one of the oldest in the world. Situated at the Middle Point in Port Blair, this museum is a historical delight and makes the tourists explore the life of Paleolithic Islanders. The major attractions of this museum are Jarawa chest guard, shamanic sculptures and much more. The Anthropological Museum offers the highlights of primordial eras of Jarawas, the Onges, the Sentinelese, the Shompens and the Nicobarese. In short, museum with blessed with plethora of reasons making it a must-visit destination in Andaman. caters a vivid and informative display on the lifestyle and culture of the tribes who has inhabited the islands which encompasses history, social organisation, architecture, economic pursuits, means of transport, art and craft of the people of these islands.
Anthropological museum

The population of these islands includes the inhabitants of pre-colonial period as well as the successive immigrants of the pre and post independence years. Attracting thousands of visitors every month for the history highlight.


Mount Harriet


At 1,200 feet, the Mount Harriet National park is one of the closest wilderness areas to the Capital port Blair.This Park, established in 1969, is the third-highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar Island and it is one such place that is a must see place in Port Blair. Andaman has about 9 national parks and Mount Harriet is the most beautiful and the most popular national park. It is in the Ferargunj tehsil of Port Blair and takes about an hour to reach. It is the second highest and the most easily accessible peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.The peak offers some of the most breathtaking views of sunrise and lazily laid Andaman sea all around. The place as such does not have much to see but it can be a perfect place to relax for a day or two. It is far from any kind of noise. s covered with dense evergreen and semi evergreen forests of ourstanding natural beauty. This National park is named after Col.R.C.Tytler,s wife Harriet, who some time in 1862, was primarily responsible for Clearance of the area for the summer home of the Chief Commissioner.The entire National park forms a major chunk of the hill ranges in the eastern part of south Andaman islands.

Thea general elevation of the tract varies from sea level to 459 meters. Its natural charm and beauty attracts a lot of visitors. The natural flora and fauna could not be matched. The greenery everywhere provides you immense feel that you are in a deep forest. One can have a glimpse of different kinds of birds from this point. From the top of the peak, one can get a magnificent view of the Port Blair city, the Ross Island and the Havelock Island.At Mount Harriet, there is a Forest Guest House where tourists can take rest and refresh themselves.One can visit Madhuban from Mount Harriet by trekking through the jungle approximately covering 16 Kms. Exotic endemic birds, butterflies are interesting sights of this wilderness trek.

Cellular Jail


Cellular Jail is the Historic Jail of India and it is also known as KALA PANI. It is located at Port Blair and became a famous tourist spot which witness the starting and middle 19th century Freedom fighter struggle , who were incarcerated in this jail. The Cellular Jail is one of the murkiest chapters in the history of the colonial rule in India. The construction of the prison started in 1896 and was completed in 1906. What fascinates and disturbs you at the same time is the overall architecture and the extremely small and suffocating jail cells. The Light and Sound Show in the evening is a must see. The show, started in 1989, offers a glimpse into the Indian freedom struggle in this region. Narrated by the actor Om Puri, there are daily shows in both Hindi and English. The original building was a puce-colored brick building.The bricks used to build the building were brought from Burma. The building had seven wings, at the centre of which a tower served as the intersection and was used by guards to keep watch on the inmates. Each of the seven wings had three stories upon completion. There were no dormitories and a total of 693

cells. The term Kala Pani, derived from Sanskrit words ‘Kal’ which means Time or Death and ‘Pani’ which means Water).was a colonial prison in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.  India’s struggle for independence saw imminent freedom fighters like Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar being incarcerated in this jail. The jail is now open to public viewing as a National Memorial, and its museum gives one a glimpse of years of India’s struggle for freedom.  After Independence in 1947, many of the erstwhile Political Prisoners visited the islands and the purpose was to make this fabulous Jail as a National Memorial without making any substantial charge. The Memorial was dedicated to the nation by the then Prime Minister of India on 11th February 1979. Today the entrance block of the National Memorial houses, Freedom Fighters Photo and Exhibition Gallery in the Ground Floor.


Jogger’s Park


Joggers’ Park is located in Port blair. It is a small and well design greenary park which is not to be considered as any attraction or sightseeing but believe me this is the best place after your busy schedule which will really give you immense relaxation with perfect Airport run way view. Evening is the best time to enjoy the scenic view. Located near VIP road, at one of the highest points in Port Blair, this quiet little park with its manicured gardens is missed by most who visit the Islands. While it is as peaceful in the morning, the park transforms into something truly breath-taking only after sunset. There are couple of benches where you can sit and relax with delightful views . Spending an hour in such serenity is a good way to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.



Baratang Island is a must go places during the trip but short trip will not be sufficient for this amazing island to travel along with other andaman sightseeing as this trip will cover one full day to view the island attracive places. There are many attractive places to cherish in this place.It is almost 100 KMs by road from Port Blair. Baratang Island is a gateway to North & Middle Andaman District of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and this District is quite unexplored from the tourism point of view

In Baratang Island you can see Mud Volcano, mangrove and tropical forests, Limestone Caves, Parrot Island. Baratang is famous for its natural wonders; from impressive limestone caves and dense mangrove cowered creeks. There are tidal swamp forests and small but fascinating mud volcanoes. It is the first gateway up north from the capital city, located between Middle and South Andaman. People willing to see Limestone caves and Mud volcano have to cross through this island. The journey is through thick, dense forest area. The forest area journey is about 50Kms and the journey is by road. This place is considered as Jarawa tribe reserve. Though the destination places are few (Limistone caves and mud volcano), the experience of forest and sea journey is memorable. Tourists can also plan to visit Parrot Island which is mind blowing but they have to stay at Baratang to see Parrots flying from one island to another during sunset time.