Neil Island is an island in the Andaman Islands of India, located in Ritchie’s Archipelago. It is apparently named after James George Smith Neill, a British soldier who had sternly dealt with the insurgents during the suppression of the 1857 Mutiny. It occupies an area of 18.9 square kilometres (7.3 sq mi). The island is located 40 kilometres (25 mi) north-east of Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is the southernmost island of Ritchie’s Archipelago, save for uninhabited Sir Hugh Rose Island, which is another 3.8 km to the southeast of Neil Island. Administratively, the island is in the Neil Kendra panchayat, Port Blair sub-district of the South Andaman district, in the Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.


There is a lone jetty at Bharathpur, which serves as the only entry–exit point of the island. The population of the island is approximately to 5000. Agriculture is the primary occupation of the villagers, and the island supplies vegetables to the rest of Andaman. Despite its minuscule tourist infrastructure, an increasing number of tourists have chosen to stay at Neil Island instead of neighbouring Havelock Island. There are a handful of restaurants and basic beach hotels that cater to international and domestic tourists.

Sitapur beach

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur beach is beach No. 5 in Neil Island which is about 5km from the market. Natural limestone formations are present all over this beach, which add to its scenic charm.It is a serene seafront, situated at the tip of the Neil Island in Andaman. Seemingly endless stretches of verdant foliage and white sand render breathtaking natural beauty. Though prone to high tides, this beach is considered safe for swimming. It is ideal to visit the beach at the time of dawn, when the sun rises above the horizon. This beach is best suited to watch the sunrise with an impressive backdrop of natural vegetation and limestone formations. The journey from the Jetty to Sitapur beach itself is refreshing with green fields and a variety of crops and forest trees.
This beach is located at the southern tip of the Neil Island and it is those beach which is famous of high tides. Main attraction about the beach is the uniqueness and calmness of the place which is an ideal place to take a dip in the pristine turquoise waters. Landscape is vast and spread across large area. There is a resort with a small restaurant few meters away in case you run out of water or get hungry and at low tide one can walk to the second bay and explore small caves or just enjoy the peacefulness of Sitapur beach..

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the region of Andaman and Nicobar Island. Located just half a kilometer from the jetty, it is considered to be the best beach in Neil Island. You can visit with your family as the beach is a lagoon with gentle waves hitting the shore. The best way to enjoy the beach, its cool sea breeze and the calmness of the place is to carry a nice book and a hammock with you. There are plenty of benches to sit and some stalls around that sell packaged drinking water and coconut water. The beach has huge trees that provide a shade under the scorching sun on the beach and one will prefer to gets to see as soon as you step onto Neil Island jetty.Even the attraction of the place is the beautiful lush green vegetation and fishes
It is growning and exploring as a vast potential of this for tourism mainly the adventure sports, trekking and eco tourism. This beautiful island is nestled in the calm seas to the north east of the capital Port Blair. It is a coral rich area and even published as coral Kingdom of Andaman. This beach offers some wonderful underwater sport adventures which includes Snorkelling and scoba diving . Even glass bottomed boats and water boats are another activity to cherish your trip. Most of the tourists visit this beach in the
Bharatpur Beach

morning hours and do snorkeling as in the evening they get to watch the sunset at Laxmanpur beach.The beach is well known for its coral reef which is undoubtedly utterly beautiful and probably the most beautiful in Andamans. This is one reason I call Neil island the coral capital of Andamans.

Lakshmanpur Beach

Lakshmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur beach is a beautiful, white sandy beach that is full of shells, dead corals and has a beach that is very wide and long and provides an awesome view for an evening walk. The beach also gives an impressive sunset view. I have been to Neil Island several times and each time I visit, the place seems more beautiful than ever. Laxmanpur beach on the other hand is a very long beach and even on peak tourist days, the beach gives you ample of time and space to be on your own and enjoy the privacy even among crowd. It has lush greenery around of this beach adds beauty to the place. The sun rising and sun setting seen are very beautiful which can fill you with lot of the surprise and adventurous. Lakmanpur is almost 2 km north of Neil jetty. The beach is a broad spur of white shell sand with shallow water offering good snorkeling. Sun basking & swimming are other options. One can view spectacular sun sets from this beach. The lush greenery around of this beach adds beauty to the place. The sun rising and sun setting seen are very beautiful which can fill you with lot of the surprise and adventurous.