Light and Sound Show


It was during 1788-89 that the British conducted a survey of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It was done as part of the British shifting to the islands. Some of them even started living there. But in 1796, the British decided not to stay in Andaman’s any more. It was due to the rising number of deaths in the island. Even though the British built a hospital in Ross Islands in 1789, the death toll still rose.

But then, the British understood one thing. The islands were the perfect place to kill someone. That is how the British built and developed the Viper Jail and Cellular Jail to put behind bars those protesters who was part of the first freedom struggle in 1857. But still, the British needed a place for them to live in so that they can control the administration activities in the jails. They found out a place. Sir Daniel Ross was the Marine Surveyor during that time, and they decided to put his name for the island that they discovered. That is how the name Ross Islands came into being.


On March 10 in 1858, British man Dr. James Pattison Walker and his team reached Andaman. Ross Islands were 2km away from Port Blair. The British brought freedom fighters who were arrested to Andaman, and that is how they built buildings in the islands. After construction of the buildings, British would put the freedom fighters in Viper Jail. Ever since this place was under the British control until India got independence. Now, it is under the control of Indian Navy.

Renowned film director and actor Revathi and her team lived in Ross Island for many days to give life to the project. They even learnt about the small electric wires that are to be used for the light and sound show. Revathi said that using 3D mapping for such a project is one of the first time in India. Each and every minute detail about Bakery Building was studied. According to that, graphics were prepared. 3D mapping, 2D graphics, light, and sound were all brought together to create the Ross Show. More buildings from the Islands will be used for the Ross Show.

Gulzar, who is a renowned lyricist in Bollywood, has scripted the story for this show and narrated it in Hindi as well. Shabana Azmi has narrated it in English. Shankar Ehsan Loy has composed the music. Tabi Parekh has done the background score. Graphic artist Aravindan and his team created graphics that had life in them. Topping all that, Resul Pokkutty has done the sound designing for the show. Gulzar’s poems and a song have been used for the show in both English and Hindi. In the light and sound show, the sound is as important as the visual. Revathi says that Resul Pookkutty has created a magical world with the best sound designing. Another speciality is that, it is for the first time that 11.1 Dolby Surround is being used for outdoors for Ross show. The earthquake that happened in Ross Islands in 1941 is shown in Ross show. With his technical skills, Resul Pookutty has created that effect with his sound.