Kalipur beach

Kalipur Beach


Kalipur beach lies behind the tranquil village of Kalipur, and can easily reached by taking a local bus from the main Diglipur bazaar. Primarily known for turtle nesting, it is one of the few beaches in the world, where four species of sea turtles (Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawksbill and Green Turtles) come to nest their eggs.
For this purpose, the government has built a hatchery there and if lucky you can witness both turtles laying their eggs (late at night) or baby turtles being set free into the sea (early morning).

Lamiya Bay Beach

The post today explores another beautiful beach called Lamiya Bay Beach, that lies in Diglipur. It is a wide, sandy beach that is long stretched along the sea and with rocks on the shore provides a different view of the sea beauty. You can see a wide assortment of dead corals on the beach.
The beach lies a few kilometers ahead of Kalipur beach and marks the foothill of Saddle Peak, the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
The beach has brown sand, unlike the many white sand beaches in Havelock and Neil Islands. Infact, all of Diglipur’s beaches viz. Ramnagar beach, Kalipur beach and Lamiya Bay beach have black/brown sand except Ross and Smith.

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar is a very nice location in Diglipur Island, this destination lies 20 Km south of Diglipur Island.
This destination is visited by travelers who wish to see the turtles or just for a day trip to enjoy this scenic destination. Some open tree houses are present here where you can spend some time enjoying the vast open sea.
We pick you from your hotel in Diglipur Island and drive you through curvy mountain roads to reach Ramnagar Beach. If you are arriving somewhere around November to April, you can witness how the turtles eggs are stored and proper conditions are created for the turtles to hatch. Once hatched, these turtles are left to the sea with a hope to see them back again.
– See more at: https://trip.experienceandamans.com/trip/ramnagar-beach-turtle-nesting-tour.html#sthash.RGE0IDDP.dpuf

Ross and Smith Island

Ross and Smith Islands are known as the Twin Islands of Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. Ross and Smith islands are actually two islands – Ross and Smith joined together to make a single group of islands. These are one of the must watch places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
These beautiful islands are in North Andaman, few nautical miles from Diglipur Jetty.
What makes these islands truly beautiful and sets them apart from the rest of the islands is that these two islands are joined by a natural, sand bar. Its like if you face both the islands, you see a road kinda thing which is actually a sand bar linking both the islands. And thus, while walking on the bar one can move from one island to the other.